Folding Built-in Furniture: A Solution for a Small Kitchen Space

2 November 2021
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You hope that a kitchen renovation would allow you to expand your tiny kitchen space and finally have all the cabinets you want. Sometimes, however, you're stuck with the small space due to cost or another factor. But even with a small space, you can make those renovations count and gain more workspace than you'd ever dreamed. The key is a souped-up version of the folding furniture you had back when you were just starting out. Then, it was inexpensive and often stayed stacked in a corner. Now, however, these fabulous folding solutions are built into the kitchen and allow you to add kitchen furniture when you want it there.

Cabinet Step Stools

This contraption made the rounds on social media a couple of years ago and has become much easier to find since then. This is a folding step stool with the parts individually attached to two vertical panels that slide out from under your counter. Expanding the vertical panels expands the individual parts to form a sturdy step stool to help you reach taller shelves. Install a couple of these in different parts of your kitchen, and you'll be able to reach whatever you need without taking up more floor space with a standalone stool.

Kitchen Table Storage Cabinet

If you don't have one of those nifty folding tray tables attached to your wall, then you probably know someone who does; those small tabletops hold a dinner tray or a laptop and are suitable for maybe two people at best. Now, you can get a fancier version that will not only save floor space but also increase your storage space. These are wall storage cabinets that open up to reveal a larger tabletop and leg that fold out – and a series of shelves on which you can store glassware and other small kitchen items. The entire cabinet is fairly shallow, so it doesn't stick out much into the room and remove usable space.

Counter Extensions

Those small cutting-board shelves you can pull out from under the countertop are no match for an actual counter extension. Similar to a wing on an extendable dining table, these larger counter extensions hang down when not in use. When you need more space, you can lift the extension up and have extra space at the same height as the rest of the counter. These extensions often hang off ends of countertops by doors so the extension runs parallel to the counter, rather than sticking out into the centre of the kitchen.

Along with these items come other space savers like kitchen islands that can double as tables with extendable wings, modular furniture that you can roll away when needed, and more. Speak with the company doing the kitchen renovations about what furniture you can place in a small kitchen that will be unobtrusive yet very helpful.