Two situations in which you should buy sit-to-stand chairs

24 March 2022
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Here are two situations in which it might be helpful to add some sit-to-stand chairs to your furniture collection.

You're pregnant and are likely to get pregnant again in the future

If you are expecting and you think you'll probably get pregnant again in the future, then it would probably be worth getting at least one sit-to-stand chair for your home. The reason for this is that during the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may develop backache, as so many women do during this period. Pulling yourself up out of a chair could intensify this backache. Likewise, due to the high weight of your heavily pregnant body in the last month or two of pregnancy, you may simply find getting up out of any chair to be quite strenuous and tiring. Last but not least, after you've had your child, you may find the process of getting up from a chair with them in your arms to be quite challenging, as you won't be able to lean your hands on the chair's arms whilst doing this.

If, however, you have a sit-to-stand chair in your home, that has a seat that rises up to a tilted position automatically when you operate a remote or a button on the chair, you should find that getting out of the chair has no effect on your backache or your energy levels and that, when you need to stand up after sitting with your infant, you can do so easily and safely, without having to use one arm to carry them and one arm to push yourself out of the chair.

Your elderly relatives visit you regularly

If your elderly relatives visit your home regularly, then you should consider getting some sit-to-stand chairs for them. Older people often find it hard to get out of chairs, due to the stiffness and general reduction in mobility that they experience as they age. During visits that last a few hours, your elderly relatives may find it uncomfortable or difficult to get out of their chairs without your help and might find it embarrassing or tiresome to have to ask for assistance to get up from their chairs when for example, they need to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water.

As such, if these relatives come to your home every week or even every day, it might be worth purchasing some sit-to-stand chairs so that these visits are comfortable and relaxing for them. If they're able to sit on chairs that give them a gentle lift whenever they need to stand up, they won't need to worry that they're bothering you by asking for help with this task, nor will they feel self-conscious or irritated whenever they need to get up.

For more information on sit-to-stand chairs, contact a company near you.