What You Really Need to Look For in a New Mattress

28 July 2016
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A new mattress is an investment in your comfort and even your health, as your mattress quality usually affects the quality of your sleep. Without a good, restful night's sleep every single night, you can suffer from a host of health concerns. Because mattresses are so expensive, you might note what you really need to look for in a new mattress, as the price alone isn't always the best guide. When buying a new mattress, you could actually wind up paying for features you don't need or finding yourself with an uncomfortable mattress that just doesn't suit you. Note a few of those important features here.


Mattresses are usually made of foam, inner springs, or adjustable air pockets. Each of these materials will have their own pros and cons, so you need to choose what works best for your comfort. Memory foam gives cushioned support in every area of the body so it can be good for those with back or joint problems who need to ensure that they are not putting pressure on those areas when they sleep. However, it may be difficult to change positions on a memory foam mattress since it absorbs movement, so if you like to move around a lot in order to stretch out, curl up, and so on, foam may not be the right choice.

Inner spring mattresses allow you to move around more freely although you may be disturbed by your partner moving as well. Adjustable air pockets are good for partners who like different support; each side can be adjusted according to the support they want.

Cushion or gel top

To make a mattress more comfortable, they may come with an added cushion or gel top. The gel can keep a foam mattress cooler, as these tend to hold body heat. A cushion on top of an inner spring mattress can help absorb some of your movement so you're more comfortable and have support in areas of the body that are not directly over a spring. Without these added layers, even a very expensive mattress can be very uncomfortable.

Note, too, that these tops will usually vary in thickness, and you need to find one that works for your frame. If you're very lightweight, a thick cushion or gel may not allow you to be adequately supported by the mattress underneath and your muscles may stay stiff and tense. If you're heavyset, you may need a thicker gel or cushion for that added padding and comfort. To learn more about other mattresses, such as sealy mattresses, contact a local expert.