Choosing the Right Furniture Design for Larger Spaces

2 January 2018
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If you have a large living room, dining room, or other such space in the home, buying oversized furniture isn't always the right option for filling the space and making it seem comfortable. Furniture that is overly large can seem imposing and get in the way of foot traffic, and might overwhelm any space, no matter the footprint of a room. Note a few tips for choosing the right furniture design for any oversized room in your home, so you're happy with the space and are sure to create a comfortable and attractive area in the room.

Anchoring the furniture

To anchor furniture means to create an area where furniture is close together and accessible. This is important in a large room, as scattering the furniture around the room can make pieces seem out of place, and create an inconvenience, as you then need to walk further from the bed to the dresser or from the couch to the entertainment centre.

When choosing furniture design for a large room, consider how you can anchor pieces together. Opt for a sofa, chair, coffee table, and end tables that will fit one area of the room, and which are all close enough for conversation, while also being out of the way of the flow of foot traffic. Do the same in the bedroom; anchor a bed against one wall, and then choose a dresser, chair, and other such pieces that are the right size to be arranged near that bed.


Larger rooms often have "dead" or empty corners that tend to look dark and dull, if the room's lighting doesn't reach that space. Be sure you fill up those dead corners with something that complements the room's overall decor; this can be a small armchair and side table, perfect for reading, or a tall floor plant in a pot that complements the room's furniture style. Opt for other furniture pieces that leave this area exposed, so that you get a full view of those additional pieces.

Pattern and colour

When filling a larger space, it's good to think of strong pattern and colour, so that furniture stands out and seems to really fill the room. Opt for a dining table in a rich, warm finish, rather than a dull white or natural oak shade. Choose bold patterns for the sofa upholstery and bright colours for bed linens. These choices will keep any large room from seeming cold and empty, and help the furniture to be more noticeable as well.