How to Furnish a House Quickly After a Break-Up

30 July 2019
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If you've recently ended a long-term relationship, then you may have moved out of your home. As well as leaving you without a home of your own, the break-up may have left you without key pieces of furniture, such as a bed or other bedroom furniture.

This may not be a big deal to start with. After all, you can always buy new furniture when you find a place to live. However, it can be hard to get the timing right.

You won't want to buy furniture before you decide where to live next. But, when you find a new place, you'll soon realise that it takes longer to have things delivered than you expected. It may take days or weeks to get the furniture you need.

How can you get a quicker delivery?

Look at Flat Pack Furniture

One of the quickest ways to get hold of furniture is to buy flat-packed pieces. Here, you order what you want, either online or in-store and then pick it up from the store's warehouse. This makes same-day ordering and collection achievable.

Stores that sell flat-pack furniture may be better stocked as the things they sell take up less space. Unlike some retailers, which may have to order furniture in from the manufacturer or which don't have local warehousing storage space, companies that sell flat-packs tend to keep more pieces in stock on-site.

Buy Off the Shelf

If you don't want to build flat-packed furniture, then you may be looking for ready-made pieces. These typically take longer to get hold of because you have to arrange for orders to be delivered. Your delivery time will be extended if you want to customise the furniture or if it is built to spec. Here, you have to wait for the furniture to be put together before it's ready for delivery.

To speed things up, look for off the shelf options. Check that the pieces you need are in stock before you buy. A retailer can schedule a delivery as soon as you order if the furniture is good to go already.

In some cases, you may be able to arrange same-day delivery if the retailer offers this option. Smaller local retailers may allow you to pick up an order yourself if you can't get a quick enough delivery.

Bear in mind that some furniture is more important than others. For example, you can probably manage without a sofa for a while, but doing without bedroom furniture is harder. Remember, if you can find a store that has what you need in stock, but you can't pick it up yourself, then same-day bedroom furniture delivery companies may be able to help you get what you need.