Two Eco-Friendly Tips for People Who Need New Bed Frames

2 October 2020
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If you'd like the new bed frame you're going to get to be eco-friendly, you should take note of these tips.

Look for an Australian-made bed frame

If you want this purchase to be as environmentally-responsible as possible, you should look for a bed frame that has been produced in Australia. If you were to buy one that was made in, for example, the USA, the company that you bought it from would have to ship it thousands of miles overseas in order to deliver it to you. Whilst doing this, they would have to use fuel-swilling, emission-releasing transportation, such as trucks, as well as planes or cargo ships. This, in turn, would mean that your bed frame would have a very high carbon footprint, even if the bed itself were made from the 'greenest' materials available, and as such, it would not be particularly eco-friendly.

If on the other hand, you were to buy your bed frame from an Australian company that produced its products in a city that was, for example, just a three-hour drive from your home, the bed you bought from this company would have a much more modest carbon footprint, as far fewer emissions would be released as a result of it being transported to your property.

Choose a bed frame that's made from a material that will survive in your home environment

It's also important to ensure this furniture is made from a material that will be likely to survive in your particular home environment. This will increase the likelihood of the bed frame lasting for decades, which will then cut down on the number of bed frames that you send to the emission-releasing landfill in your lifetime.

For example, if you live in property by the coastline and your bedroom faces the beach, then any of the salty seawater droplets that are carried by the wind will enter your bedroom whenever you have your windows or balcony door open. In this situation, it would not be advisable to get a metal bed frame, as any tiny bit of rust that the frame develops could spread across this furniture very rapidly, due to the salty sea air in the room (as salt makes rust problems much worse). A wooden bed frame would be a wiser choice in this environment. Conversely, if your property is not near the coast and has been besieged by wood-boring insects in the past, then a metal frame might last longer than a wooden one.

For more information about Australian-made bed frames, reach out to a local furniture store.