Preparing for the Cost of Your Timber Decking Project

11 June 2018
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Installing an outdoor deck is a creative way of spicing up your outdoor space. You can turn your garden area into an outdoor haven by having a deck where you can soak in the sun on a warm day, enjoy the sunset in the evening or watch the sun rise on an early morning.  Decks are also excellent social spaces for you and your family. When installing a timber deck, there are several factors that will affect the cost of the project. Read More 

Choosing the Right Furniture Design for Larger Spaces

2 January 2018
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If you have a large living room, dining room, or other such space in the home, buying oversized furniture isn't always the right option for filling the space and making it seem comfortable. Furniture that is overly large can seem imposing and get in the way of foot traffic, and might overwhelm any space, no matter the footprint of a room. Note a few tips for choosing the right furniture design for any oversized room in your home, so you're happy with the space and are sure to create a comfortable and attractive area in the room. Read More